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Visual Communication

Simple. Beautiful. Meaningful. Presentations.

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Hello! I'm Flo, and I know how to communicate through presentations

For the past five years, I have been working closely with startups as well as VCs and gained an unteachable, inside-out perspective of the startup ecosystem.

Using this unique experience, I created a simple method that merges good design, business strategy, and communication techniques to add clarity and concision to any pitch deck so that you will be seen, heard, understood, and FUNDED.

Clarity Deck


A pitch deck with a winning narrative, compelling content and the very best visuals,  Ready to get yours? 

Florencia, did an outstanding job with my presentation and within an extremely tight timeline. She was responsive and in touch throughout the process. I particularly loved her wonderful attitude and enthusiasm for my project. She went above and beyond to deliver excellence. She is a true gem and will definitely work again with her. - Diana C.

Goes above and beyond to help. Amazing friendly personality which makes the process a lot easier. Very hard working and quick to execute. Easy to discuss different ideas with and always had the best of intentions for our success Our client (One of Europe's largest Oil Trading companies) loved the deck Florencia produced and specifically said it was easiest and most effective thing to read Strongly recommend anyone to not waste their time and to go straight to the best.. Florencia - Tuguy D.

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Let's connect! @flofavarel

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